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Strength, Mobility, Vitality for Life.

Our mission is simple.

We empower 50 and over adults to regain their strength, mobility, and vitality so they continue to enjoy life while defying their age.

We enjoy working with older adults who may be intimated by other gyms and who are looking to get started in their strength and conditioning journey with more individualized coaching and instruction. We use the EDGE method of training where we Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable the lifter through the process of learning each lift. This provides a very structured, effective, and efficient method of skill acquisition.

If you stick with our training program for at least 3 months you’ll see positive improvements in your mindset, your body composition, and you’ll have what we call a “strength story”. For some it’s placing that 5 gallon water jug without any help, or hiking along side of your son or daughter in the mountains, snow skiing for 4 days straight without back pain, or running up steps you used to have a hard time walking up while holding a handrail.

What will your “strength story” be?

Coach Rodgers

Steve Rodgers, the owner of Freedom Strength, is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a diverse background as an IT executive, strength coach, real estate investor, and pilot. Before reaching his mid-40s, Steve was the quintessential “IT guy”—out of shape, poorly trained, and overweight. Reaching a turning point, he grew tired of feeling “sick and tired” and embarked on a transformative journey to fitness and health.

In 2017, Steve’s pursuit of knowledge led him to the Starting Strength method, a renowned approach to linear strength progression training. His dedication to mastering barbell training led him to attend the prestigious Starting Strength Seminar in Wichita Falls, Texas, in December 2019. There, he not only refined his own techniques but also honed his skills in coaching the five primary compound lifts.

The benefits of strength training were transformative for Steve. He gained newfound confidence, experienced less back pain, improved his cardiovascular health, and maintained his passion for activities like hiking, snow skiing, flying, and scuba diving.

Today, Steve is passionate about guiding individuals over 50 to become stronger, fitter versions of themselves. His mission is to empower men and women to enjoy their favorite activities with vigor and freedom, well into their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond!


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