David’s Story

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David was not unlike many of us. He worked out in high school, played sports, went off to college, got a desk job, had kids, and slowly became weak, out of shape, and overweight.

Tired of being sick and tired, he reached out to us for help. He needed some guidance, structure, and accountability around strength training and nutrition.

We helped him clean up his diet and put him on a linear barbell weight training program centered around the 4 primary, compound movements. His results were outstanding, but typical for what we see with our clients. He transformed his body by adding muscle mass, reducing body fat, and gaining much needed strength and mobility. He was able to lose OVER 100 lbs and started running again.

David recently sent us a picture while hiking in the mountains of St Kitts in the Caribbean with two of his kids. His previous self would have had a hard time keeping up. He definitely killed his clone. Well done David. Well done.

Your Story

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