What do I need to know about gym etiquette and rules?

  1. EVERYONE signs a Waiver and Release of Liability and MUST have a one on file. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. When someone is warming up, or doing work sets, don’t talk to them. Let them concentrate.
  3. Set a timer between sets to stay on track with your workout time and schedule.
  4. USE CHALK! Unlike over gyms, using chalk is encouraged.
  5. We are not a BRO gym. Don’t use or bring powerlifting gear like suits, bench press shirts, etc.
  6. Be mindful of noise.  Try to set the weights down in a controlled fashion. Never intentionally drop weights or have loud conversations.
  7. After training, make sure you put away all barbells, weight plates, collars, and anything else you used during your training session.
  8. Wipe down the bench after benching.

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